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Curly Cuts

Pepper's Salon

Pricing is as follows

Apprentice | Stylist | Master Stylist | Creative Master

Curly Cuts

Specialized cutting system for those who have embraced their curl.

n/a | $100 | $125 | $145

First Time Curly Cuts

Allows extra time for consultation, education, and
procedures a first time Curly guest will need.

n/a | $120 | $150 | $174

Priced As: Apprentice | Stylist | Master Stylist | Creative Master

Dry Curly Cut Technique:

Embrace your gorgeous curls here at Pepper’s Salon! We are specially trained in several curl cut techniques. We believe cutting curls dry in their natural state creates a sculpted shape. We customize your cut for your unique curl patterns from wavy to tight curls. First, we cut the hair dry using your natural texture, then we wash and style while teaching you curl styling techniques to achieve the same defined beautifully shaped curls at home.

Prepare For Your
Curly Cut Appointment:

To be ready for your curly cut, we need to see your natural curl pattern. So, please come in wearing first day curls with minimal product, down, dry, and naturally curly with no rubber bands, pins, or clips